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US Open & Victoire Nationale Championship Results

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2017 United States Brittany Championship and Victoire Nationale Derby Championship
By Jan Kilpatrick

It was the 55th renewal of this 2017 United States Open Brittany Championship at the Lake Murray Field Trial Grounds in Ardmore, Oklahoma. 34 dogs from around the country were drawn and competed for this prestigious title. Weather for the four day event included mild mornings, warm afternoons and strong gusty winds.

Named Champion was FC/AFC/GFC Kinwashkly Fat Bastard, "Fatz", handled by Tom Tracy and owned by Bo Ackerman of Clermont, GA and Leslie Andreas of Saskatchewan, Canada. Fatz is a 9 year old white and orange male sired by NFC/FC/AFC Leas Running Jay Hawk and Kinwashkly French Valor. Fatz set a high standard of performance for his Championship title with intense style and impeccable manners on his birds and a strong, fast, forward ground race which was just what the judges were looking for.

There was no RU Champion named.

Judges were Charlie Collier of Corsicana, Texas and Stan Truska of Firth, Nebraska. We thank them for their many hours in the saddle and the close learned attention and scrutiny they gave to each of the competitors.

Huge thanks to Purina for once again sponsoring this event. Their donation of dog food and monetary support keep this event top shelf and are always valued by all the competitors. We also appreciate Purina’s ongoing research and development of their performance products which help keep our canine athletes sound of body and mind.

On Tuesday evening a Pizza Party was held in the Clubhouse to celebrate last year’s Open Champion Tequila Scorcher "Lincoln" owned by Bernie Crain and handled by Ed Tillson. A good time and good food were enjoyed by all who attended.

Also thanks to everyone who lent their support with the myriad of duties necessary to make these events a success, both before, during and after the actual running. These duties sometimes go unnoticed but certainly are not unappreciated.


The Running-First Day, Monday March 6, 2017, Overcast, Temp 51-80, Gusty SE winds 11-34 mph

Brace 1 Piney Run "Jake", Kent Patterson & Sniksoh Windtuck "Willy", Ed Tillson. First point went to Jake at 35. Relocation only produced a large pile of very fresh feathers so Jake was moved on. Ed requested the tracker for Willy at 20 who went missing before Manck’s Crossing. At 44 point was called for Jake with only a freshly killed bird found. Jake had just started his cast when he whirled on point again at 47 but moved in too close and popped the very live bird thus ending his race.

Brace 2 Castaway Wilson, Tom Tracy & Rammer Jammer "Jax", Ben Kuykendall. It was a wild breakaway as Wilson and Jax surged forward in different directions at a high velocity. Jax was brought in at 10 by the scout only to be picked up 2 minutes later when he was observed chasing a bird. Tom requested the tracking device for Wilson at 15.

Brace 3 Glade Run "Irish", Tom Tracy & Shady's Desert "Knight", Scott Johnson. Irish had finds at 11, 15 and 24 but his birdwork lacked its usual style and his ground race was restrained and lateral. Knight had a clean find at 41 but was unable to maintain a forward race throughout his hour.

Brace 4 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard,"Fatz", Tom Tracy & Highpoint Southern "Spike", Ben Kuykendall. First brace after lunch experienced warm temperatures and a gusty north wind. Fatz wasn’t fazed by the challenging conditions and put on a show as he took in the entire course with a strong forward race. His single bird encounter was at 58 when he was found standing in an overgrown feed strip and a small covey was put to flight with Fatz remaining tall and tight through the flush and shot. Fatz finished the hour moving forward as strongly to the front as he started. Spike ran a nice forward race until he got hot at 43 and was picked up by Ben.

Brace 5 Jagoub's Buzz'N Bayou, "Skeeter", Tom Tracy & Arrow's Tequila Rustler,"Rusty", Richard Beaver. Skeeter had a non-productive at 7 and a clean find at 35 which he handled with intense style and manners. Rusty’s single bird contact was an exercise in patience for both dog and handler. Rusty pointed at 46 in a long overgrown tree line and had to be relocated two times before this single wily bird was pinned and finally flushed out of its sanctuary. Rusty did an excellent job, remaining staunch on point, cautious on the relocates and intensely stylish on the flush and fire. Both dogs finished out their hour strong and to the front.

Brace 6 Campbell's "Razz"-Ma-Tazz, Frank Campbell & Bye. Frank and Razz struggled with the heat and gusty winds on this day and no birds were found.

DAY DOG: Kinwashkly Fat Bastard

Second Day, Tuesday March 7, 2017, Partly Cloudy, Temp 59-71, Gusty NE winds 8-26 mph

Brace 7 Checote, "CoCo", Vic Carrington & Tequila Scorcher, "Lincoln", Ed Tillson. Both dogs broke away eager and put down very respectable performances working all the objectives Course 1 had to offer but all their efforts went unrewarded.

Brace 8 Georgia’s Texas Two Step, "Georgia", Tom Tracy & Carpe Diem, "Carp", Scott Johnson. Georgia and Carp started out determined to find all the missing birds. Georgia scored first with a clean find at 4. Carp was seen under a bird at 5 and went to the wagon. Georgia continued down the course running the edges at a judicious pace and range and had 3 more clean stylish finds at 11, 18, and 58. She finished her hour briskly to the front.

Brace 9 SS "Rig's" Colorado Gunrunner, Tom Milam & MK's Magnificent Bandito, "Chico" Scott Johnson. Rig’s and Chico surged off together and were found on separate points in the same mott just after Manck’s Crossing. Chico was tall and tight and mannerly through the flush and shot and Scott moved him on. Rig’s birds could not be located so Tom moved him forward. Rig’s race ended at 18 after his second unproductive. Chico continued his run at a fast forward pace logging 3 more clean finds at 15, 25, and 45. He finished his hour powerfully to the front.

Brace 10 Just Call Me "Lucky Ned" Pepper, Frank Campbell & Roustabouts Flat Out, "Hank", Tom Tracy. Lucky Ned navigated through Course 1 at a modest range and pace. He went birdless but had an honor at 55. Hank ran an exciting far flung race which included a well executed limb find at 24 and another stellar find at 55 near the Bear Trap. Hank looked great on his game and finished his hour moving to the front at the same speed he started with.

Brace 11 TLM Tall Tale, "Sam", Tom Tracy & A "Trace" of Bourbon w/Diamonds, Scott Johnson. Trace was up early for taking too many steps on his bird at 2. Sam ran a modest race and found birds at 28 which he handled in a mannerly fashion but his run was not pleasing Tom so he picked him up.

Brace 12 Stoney Hills Princess "Fiona", Scott Johnson & Crecent City Girl, "Nola", Ed Tillson. Fiona ran a big race with a lot of nice casts but only managed a unproductive at 38 in the bird category. Nola had a nice find at 6 and finished her hour at a moderate pace and range.

DAY DOG: Roustabouts Flat Out

Day 3, Wednesday March 8, Mostly sunny, Temp 39-73, Gusty SW winds 3-22 mph

Brace 13 Ocaje, "Grace", Terry Gowin & Dakota Sun, "Sonny", Vic Carrington. Grace had a smooth, pleasing style of running and scored birds early, logging two finds at 7 and 11 which were handled with style and manners. She continued forward with a nice ground application but was picked up at 40 for chasing a bird. Sonny suffered a leg injury at 15 thus ending his race early.

Brace 14 Kashmir, "Kash", Tom Tracy & Touch of Bourbon Little Chug, "Carson", Scott Johnson. Kash had a hard time getting started running inconsistently and having an unproductive at 26. At 45 he scored a solid find which he handled with style and manners. After the find Kash found his running shoes and finished out the hour far to the front. Carson ran a strong forward race with finds at 12 and 40 which he handled with manners and intense style. He also had a strong forward finish.

Brace 15 Driving Miss "Daisy" II, Tom Tracy & Kinwashkly "Tempo", Ed Tillson. Tempo scored the first find early at 4 by the feeder near Gun Dog Hill. At 35 both dogs were found standing on separate birds in a small tree mott after Manck’s Crossing. Daisy exhibited intense style and good manners through the slush and shot and was moved on. It was a lengthy flushing effort for Tempo but the birds were finally put to flight and Tempo moved on. Both dogs covered the country with nice ground applications at a moderate pace and range. Daisy pointed with Tempo honoring at 55 but no birds were located so time was called and we headed in for lunch.

Brace 16 Chacey's Frozen Asset, "Maggie", Tom Tracy & FireStarter's Crossed the Line, "Ty", Ed Tillson. Maggie and Ty blazed down Course 1 and shared a find at 10 near the feeder in Manck’s Meadow both exhibiting good style and excellent manners. Moving on Maggie scored her second find at 15 in the birdy tree mott after Manck’s Crossing. With all in order she was moved on. Maggie continued working the cover and finished her hour at a shortened forward range. Ty continued working the edges and had two more finds at 40 and 48 both of which were handled with style and manners. He finished out the his hour moving forward at a good pace and range.

Brace 17 Sniksoh Little Diamond, Scott Johnson & Ru Jems Last "Penny", Tom Tracy. Diamond was up at 4 for chasing a bird. Penny was putting down a fast forward race from the get go. She pointed staunchly at 30 with all in order. Just after Manck’s Crossing we rode up and found Penny and Tom having some sort of dog/handler mind meld which resulted in Penny being picked up at 35 for busting a bird at the Manck’s Meadow feeder. Tough break for a girl with grit and fire and who to this point had been a pleasure to watch.

DAY DOG: FireStarter's Crossed the Line

TOP QUALIFIER: Kinwashkly Fat Bastard


Final Series-Thursday Morning, March 9, 2017. Eight dogs were selected for the Championship Running. Partly cloudy, Temp 32-70, SW winds 3-15 mph

Brace 1 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard,"Fatz", Tom Tracy & Arrow's Tequila Rustler,"Rusty", Richard Beaver. Fatz had his running shoes on this morning. He put down an excellent ground application with a minimum of handling and looked handsome and mannerly on his birds at 18 and 52. Fatz finished his hour far to the front with lots of juice remaining. Rusty’s start was unusual for him as he would start a nice cast but turn and check back in with Richard. He finally overcame the neediness and started working the cover at a moderate and was rewarded with a solid bird find at 52 which was handled with style and manners. Rusty’s finish was forward but had shortened some.

Brace 2 Jagoub's Buzz'N Bayou, "Skeeter", Tom Tracy & MK's Magnificent Bandito, "Chico" Scott Johnson. Skeeter had a moderate run and pace with mannerly birdwork at 16, 30, 45 and 48. Though still holding the front he had shortened considerably towards the end of his hour. Chico had a find at 18 then went missing and was not returned to judgment.

Brace 3 Georgia’s Texas Two Step, "Georgia", Tom Tracy & Fire Starter's Crossed the Line, "Ty", Ed Tillson. Georgia had no zip today so Tom picked her up at 15. Ty was also uninspired in his race but had 2 creditable finds at 10 and 15. At 20 the Judges had seen all they needed to see and Ty was picked up.

Brace 4 Roustabouts Flat Out, "Hank", Tom Tracy & Touch of Bourbon Little Chug, "Carson", Scott Johnson. Hank was MIA from the breakaway so Tracy employed the retrieval unit at 20*. Carson struggled from the breakaway so Scott relieved him of duty at 10.

*And here’s the great tale from the Milam Scout Chronicles about Hank’s MIA. No one was sure which way Hank broke from breakaway but Scout Milam was sure Hank was on birds so he started his search of all know bird spots between Pond Dam 1 and Pond Dam 2 beginning at Tent Pad Point. Milam spotted Hank about 100 yards down the little finger just off Briar Point buried deep in the brush. He was standing tall on point so Milam yelled POINT not knowing it was already too late to count. Hank continued standing staunchly until Tracy showed up and flushed about 15 birds in front of Hank. Kudos to both Toms: Milam for finding Hank and Tracy for rewarding Hank’s effort by flushing the birds for him.

Ardmore, Okla., March 6, 2017
Judges: Charlie Collier and Stan Truksa

[One-Hour Qualifying Heats; One-Hour Finals]—34 Brittanys
Winner—KINWASHKLY FAT BASTARD, 1624964, male. by Leas Running Jay Hawk—Kinwashkly French Velour. Bo Ackerman & Leslie Andreas, owners; Tom Tracy.

judge Charlie Collier watching handler Tom Tracy flushing for Fatz at the Bedsprings


18 juvenile dogs were brought to the line to compete in this 43rd running of the Victorie Nationale Derby Championship. Judges were Bob Rankin of Oklahoma City, OK and Stan Truska of Firth, Nebraska who enjoyed watching these youngsters and evaluating their performance and potential. The weather was mild temperatures and gusty winds. Thanks again to Purina for sponsoring this event. With their continued support the future of the sport and these young athletes is in good hands.

The Winners

Champion: Rev’n Gunrunner’s "Tilly" handled by Tom Tracy for owner Weldon Eberhart. Tilly is a classy liver and white female sired by Felter’s Rev’n Lobo x Gunrunner’s Diamond Forever. Tilly ran as bottom dog in Brace 6 on Monday afternoon. Tilly was consistent in her run and biddable as Tom masterfully handled her to all areas of the course that would showcase her natural forward style of running. Tilly ran with purpose at a modest range and pace and logged a find at 18 near the Manck’s Meadow feeder where she pointed before flushing a small covey with suitable derby manners. Tilly finished her hour somewhat shortened but her mature forward application was deemed Best of the Rest and earned her the title of 2017 Victorie Nationale Champion.

RU Champion: SKF Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey, "KD" handled by Scott Johnson for owners Steve Foster and Herb Rea. KD is a flashy liver roan female out of Firestarter’s Crossed The Line x SKF Little Miss Beretta. KD ran on Saturday morning as top dog in Brace 8. KD’s run was fast, animated and forward. Scenting conditions could not have been better and KD had four well spaced finds pointing with style and flushing with acceptable derby manners. KD finished her hour hunting hard to the front in search of another bird.

The Running

DAY ONE: Friday, March 10, 2017, Sunny, Temp 53-62, Gusty Northeast winds 5-15 mph

Brace 1 Spanish Corral Wild Bill, "Billy", Claude Kilpatrick and Roll On Miss Bella, Tom Tracy. Billy and Bella were ready to run and some deer hanging out in the creek below breakaway provided added inducement for this pair to ramp up their rpms. Scouts dispatched rapidly with handlers moving on across Manck’s Crossing and at 12 Billy was found far to the front heading into the Girl Scout Camp. Bella never surfaced so the retrieving device was acquired by Tom at 20. Billy continued forward making big visible casts to the outer reaches of Course 1. After the rocky crossing Billy was observed running forward two ridges over. Billy had 3 finds between Pond Dams 1 & 2 which he pointed with intensity and flushed with acceptable derby manners. After the third find handler gathered him up and turned him loose in a cloud of dust with 3 minutes left to run. Billy had more run than minutes left but thankfully the dog wagon was waiting on the road with the next brace so this very sociable youngster ran on in and stopped to let everyone know how much fun he had. Billy showed a lot of all age potential with his fast forward far reaching race, strong finish, and intense style on birds.

Brace 2 Dakota Sun’s Semper Fi, "Duke", Vic Carrington and Treasure States "Toby" MacDaddy, Ed Tillson. Duke cast right and Toby left at the breakaway and at 2 Toby was pointing into a small tree mott and stayed tall and tight through the flush & fire. After being moved forward Toby blew down the right tree line and went stealth never to be returned to judgment. Duke continued casting laterally into the cover and had a nice find near pond dam 4 at 55. He pointed with intense style and handled the flush and shot with suitable derby manners. Duke finished his hour at a moderate pace and range.

Brace 3 SKF Willy’s Miss Mollie, Tom Tracy and Royal Flush Bettin’ On Black, "Jack", Ed Tillson. Mollie and Jack wasted no time finding birds and they shared a find at 4 then hustled over to the big solitary oak that attracts a lot of birds on their way to Gun Dog Hill. No birds were found and Tracy soon had Mollie heading forward. Jack stayed behind being more interested in extending his search of this often birdy area. Tracy did a good job of keeping young Mollie up front and on course for the rest of her race. She pointed birds again at 40 and 50 with style. Jack joined up at Cedar Point and both dogs appeared fatigued as time was called.

Brace 4 Highpoint Blazin’ High Noon, "Cooper", Ben Kuykendall and Texas Blazing Sun, "Thud", Vic Carrington. Cooper and Thud were eager and digging into the cover from the breakaway looking for some birds. Unfortunately neither dog had bird contact in their hour though Cooper had a nice point at 48 which proved unproductive.

Brace 5 Dr. Jac’s True Grit Missy O’Dee, Scott Johnson and Jagoub’s Spell Caster, Tom Tracy. Missy had a find at 8 but was picked up at 16 for not pleasing Scott. Spell had a pleasing way of going and had a bird at 26 but tired at 47 and was picked up by Tom.

Brace 6 Wichita Wild Woman, "Nickie", Scott Johnson and Rev’n Gunrunner’s "Tilly", Tom Tracy. Tilly’s Championship run is described in the Winners section above. Nickie was a handful from the start. She made it through Manck’s Crossing but then became directionally challenged, running lateral and backwards. She had no bird contact during her hour and was out of steam at time.

Day 2 Saturday Morning, March 11, 2017, Cloudy, Temp 53– 62, NE Winds 5-15 mph

Brace 7 A Texas One and Only, "Uno", Vic Carrington and IPA Ale, Tom Tracy. Ale was lost from the breakaway and Uno was not pleasing Vic and was harnessed at 25.

Brace 8 SKF Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey "KD", Scott Johnson and Highpoint Spikes Southern Gal, "Ellie", Ben Kuykendall. KD’s run is described in the Winner’s section above. Ellie was fast and wide and digging into the cover at the beginning so she got a little behind. But she ran with great enthusiasm and after finding the front was sharing in the bird finding with her brace mate. Ellie had a beautiful intense style of pointing and ended up with 3 finds which included a nice covey at time. This was an exciting and entertaining brace to watch and these two girls are to be commended for a job well done.

Brace 9 Turning Points Shenanigans, "Shandi", Scott Johnson and LOL Dirty Dancer, "Roxy", Ed Tillson. Neither of these girls felt like performing this day. Roxy was gone from the breakaway and Shandi was not running to the expectations of Scott so she was picked at 12.

With the running complete we head in to the Clubhouse to hear the results.

Victoire Nationale Derby Championship
judges: Dr. Robert Rankin and Stan Truksa
[One-Hour Heats]—18 Brittanys
Winner—Rev'n Gunrunner's Tilly
Runner-Up—SKF Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey